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Heat Pump Supply and Installation Christchurch 

Heat pump installation is the easy part.  Making sure you have the right heating solution for Christchurch and Canterbury winters and the right cooling solution for the summers is the most important part!

Heat pump cooling is a key feature for Canterbury’s hot summers; its not just about heating.  Understanding our climate, the products and their benefits and listening to your needs.   ACS will help find the best solution for your heating and cooling needs to meet your budget. 

The Mitsubishi Electric Range

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps perform well for Christchurch and Canterbury’s climate.  Whether you are needing  heat  pump installations in Christchurch or Arthurs Pass;  there is a Mitsubishi heat pump that can do the job!

Including the Mitsubishi HyperCore for better heating performance in those colder areas.

However, Mitsubishi is not the only range to choose from.  ACS provides, installs and supports all the top brands, including Daikin; because your house is more than just a building,   it’s the place where you will live and grow with your loved ones. Ensure that time is spent in comfort by installing a quality heating and ventilation system.

Quality is important to us at ACS, a quality heating and cooling system which has been designed to suit your environment.  That is installed with excellence by an accredited installer.  Giving  you many years of hassle-free service and value for money.

Taking pride stand behind our work ACS has a workmanship guarantee along with the manufacturer’s  warranty.   Please browse around our site and any questions or if you want to organise a quote please contact us.


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