Choosing the right heatpump

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At ACS we offer a wide range of heat pump solutions for all types of home and commercial environments. This guide will step you through the basics of choosing a heating solution that best suits you.


What type of heat pump should I choose?

There are several main types of heat pumps are available including hi-walls, floor models, ceiling cassettes and whole home central heating systems. When choosing a style think of how the system will look in the room and what sort of features you will need.

Different styles often have different features too – such as self-cleaning filters, healthy air filters, sensor controls – so  make sure you check them all out and then decide which appeals to you.

Split Systems – Split Heat Pump Systems

Nearly all heat pumps are split systems – that means they have an outdoor unit – which contains the compressor, and a discreet indoor unit that contains the fan that circulates the warm air (or cool air in the summer).These units are designed to be discreet both in appearance and operation. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, which is the busy part. The indoor unit simply has a fan to circulate the warm or cold air as required. The indoor environment is then quieter, with the equipment arranged like this. Choose the indoor type and model that suits you best.

Floor Standing Heat Pump Systems

Floor standing these units look like a conventional gas or night storage heater. They are lightweight and ultra slim, and offer a full range of capacities, offering quiet, but powerful operation.

Compact Cassettes Heat Pump Systems

The most discreet option, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. They provide heating and cooling in a range of capacities. Latest fan technology distributes conditioned air through 2, 3 or 4 sides, with adjustable directional flaps. The Fujitsu compact cassette is unobtrusive, yet efficient and very effective. Features include 2, 3 or 4 way air distribution, brilliant airflow to reach the whole room, built-in timers, remote control and optional wired (wall) controllers.

Ducted Systems (whole home Central Heating Heat Pump Systems)

Ducting is the ultimate invisible solution for all round comfort, all year round.

All you see are the discreet vents and the smart wall controller.

The unit itself is hidden, usually in the ceiling, and the entire system is tailored to your home and needs.

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